T-SIGn Vector Technology Platform


PsiOxus is pioneering a pipeline of systemically delivered immune oncology products that drive sustained reprogramming of the tumor microenvironment by producing therapeutics within the tumor, to overcome the central challenge of resistance to therapy.

Our validated T-SIGn vector platform allows systemic dosing and can deliver multiple transgene payloads that re-engineer both primary and metastatic tumors. The T-SIGn platform utilizes a proprietary vector system which allows up to five genes for therapeutic proteins to be inserted into it to create a T-SIGn vector (Figure 1.).

PsiOxus’ T-SIGn platform has broad utility to re-engineer tumors in different ways by combining different types of therapeutic proteins (Figure 2.):

Antibodies: genes code for individual or combinations of antibodies or antibody fragments. NG-350A is PsiOxus’ first T-SIGn vector that codes for a full-length antibody.

Bi-Specifics: genes code for bi-specific or multi-specific antibodies. The NG-641 vector encodes a bi-specific antibody in combination with three additional immune enhancer genes.

Membrane integrated ligands: genes code for T-cell engaging ligands or other ligands that are bound to the tumor cell membrane. A clinical candidate, NG-348, has been prepared which encodes both a T-cell receptor ligand and a costimulatory molecule.

Secreted immunomodulators: : genes code for cytokines, chemokines and other molecules. Research is ongoing in this area.

Click here for information on the NG-350A study (FORTITUDE)
Click here for information on the NG-641 study (STAR)
Click here for information on the NG-641 study (MOAT)

Figure 1. – A Systemic delivery of vector to tumor sites

Figure 2. – T-SIGn Product Platform Classifications


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