ESMO Congress 2021: FORTITUDE – A phase 1 study of NG-350A, a novel tumour-selective adenoviral vector expressing an anti-CD40 agonist antibody: monotherapy dose escalation results

  • Key data from the first-in-human FORTITUDE trial shows that a single cycle of intravenous (IV) NG‑350A drives dose-dependent increases in specific inflammatory biomarkers, consistent with the mechanism of the encoded anti-CD40 agonist.
  • IV dosing of NG-350A led to elevations in IL-12, IFNγ and IL-17 that were higher and sustained for longer than those reported for systemic CD40 agonists.
  • NG-350A monotherapy was well-tolerated and dose exploration will continue in combination with a PD-1 inhibitor.

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