PsiOxus Therapeutics Appoints Melissa Epperly as Chief Financial Officer

June 4, 2018 – Philadelphia, PA and Oxford, UK – PsiOxus Therapeutics, Ltd. (PsiOxus), a leader in gene therapy for cancer, today announced the appointment of Melissa Epperly as Chief Financial Officer.  

Melissa Epperly is a senior finance executive with deep healthcare experience. Prior to joining PsiOxus, Melissa was CFO and Head of Business Development at R-Pharm U.S., a commercial-stage oncology pharmaceutical company based in Princeton, NJ, where she led the integration of the asset purchase of Ixempra ® (a metastatic breast cancer treatment) from Bristol-Myers Squibb.  Previously, Melissa was a Director at Anchorage Capital Group, a hedge fund. Before joining Anchorage in 2012 she was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs in equity research, and prior to that she was at Bain & Company, focused on domestic and international pharmaceutical clients. She previously worked at Morgan Stanley in New York in healthcare investment banking.  Melissa holds an M.B.A from Harvard Business School and B.A. in Biochemistry and Economics from the University of Virginia.

Melissa will be based in PsiOxus’s facility in Plymouth Meeting near Philadelphia, PA. PsiOxus, which also has operations in Abingdon Science Park, in Oxfordshire, UK, is advancing its research and development of novel immune-oncology products in both the Europe and the US.

 About PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd.

PsiOxus Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused upon immune-oncology with headquarters near Oxford, UK and offices near Philadelphia, USA. PsiOxus has developed the proprietary Tumor-Specific Immuno-Gene therapy (T-SIGn) platform for systemic delivery of tumor-targeted oncolytic immune therapeutics. T-SIGn is based on the company’s oncolytic virus, enadenotucirev, which can be delivered by intravenous administration and replicates only in tumor cells. Enadenotucirev is currently in a clinical trial under a US IND in combination with nivolumab (Opdivo ®) in collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squib (BMS). The anticancer capability of the T-SIGn platform is further enhanced through “arming” the virus with transgenes. The armed T-SIGn platform makes possible creation of a broad range of systemically delivered oncolytic immune therapeutics including oncolytic viruses that express one or more antibodies, bi-specifics, cytokines, immunomodulatory proteins, or nucleotide (RNA) based payloads. T-SIGn thus opens up the concept of gene therapy for cancer. NG-348, the first T-SIGn product was licensed to BMS in 2017 with an upfront payment of $50million.


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