PsiOxus Therapeutics is listed in FierceBiotech’s 2017 Fierce 15

Treating solid tumors through the systemic delivery of oncolytic viruses.

PsiOxus is very proud to also announce that we have been recognised by Fierce Biotech in this year’s Fierce 15. This is a list of up-and-coming biotech companies believed to have a chance of becoming the Next Big Thing through a combination of the best science with the best teams.  Chosen from a record number of nominations submitted by 275,000 biotech and pharma industry leaders and the editors of Fierce Biotech, PsiOxus were only 1 of 2 European companies listed, and the only UK company…!

The Scoop

PsiOxus has figured out how to systemically deliver viruses that only replicate in tumor cells. That turned heads at Bristol-Myers Squibb, which struck two deals with PsiOxus last year, and provided a launchpad for a pipeline that uses viruses to directly kill cancer cells. PsiOxus’ next-generation approach gets tumors to express molecules that bring about their own destruction.

What makes PsiOxus Fierce

PsiOxus’ pipeline is built around enadenotucirev, singled out for its ability to kill tumor cells, leave healthy cells alone and stay potent in the presence of fresh human blood. Early clinical data suggest enadenotucirev is suitable for intravenous delivery.

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