Senior VP CMC : Peter Clarke PhD

Dr Peter Clarke has worked for over 30 years in the BioPharmaceutical industry for both multi-nationals (such as Bayer and Chiron) and start-up organizations. Most recently Dr Clarke was VP of Technical Operations for Insmed Inc. in New Jersey, progressing their first-in-class inhaled liposomal antibiotic formulations. He has been responsible for developing processes and building manufacturing organizations in Europe and the US and has successfully submitted Manufacturing Authorizations to a number of Regulatory Agencies including the FDA and EMA. In his role as VP of Production and Technical Processes at Introgen Therapeutics Dr. Clarke was responsible for the optimization of adenoviral vector manufacture and the design and build of a BSL 2 production facility in Houston, TX. He has a BSc in biochemistry and obtained his doctorate in microbial physiology from The Imperial College of Science and Technology in London.

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