Scientific Advisor: Len Seymour PhD

Len Seymour is Professor of Gene Therapies at Oxford University. He leads a multidisciplinary 20-person research team focused on translational development of new genetic medicines for cancer. His primary interest is in oncolytic viruses that are armed for local expression of anticancer agents, providing the opportunity both for targeted therapy and for systemic cancer vaccination. This field brings together many aspects of the cell and tissue biology of cancer, coupled with immunology and virology in trying to address a complex and multifaceted challenge.

Prof Seymour was the Founding Chairman of the British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy and has strong interests throughout the field, including the use of genetically modified cells as cancer therapeutics. He was a Founding Scientist of PsiOxus Therapeutics Ltd and also of Oxford Genetics Ltd, a synthetic biology company developing genetically modified viruses and cells for diverse therapeutic purposes. Prof Seymour has published over 200 primary scientific papers and has filed over 20 patent applications.

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