R&D Programs and Progress

PsiOxus aims to be the world’s leading cancer gene therapy company, delivering medicines of value to patients with cancer.

We focus on discovering and developing innovative gene-based immuno-oncology treatments for solid tumors using our proprietary intravenously administered T-SIGn virus platform. Our portfolio of differentiated gene therapy products are all delivered systemically but act locally within the tumor.

Enadenotucirev is a highly potent broad spectrum oncolytic virus therapeutic currently in clinical development. Enadenotucirev targets the vast majority of solid tumors and efficient intravenous delivery of enadenotucirev has been demonstrated clinically.

Tumor-Specific Immuno-Gene Therapy (T-SIGn) is a broad product platform for gene therapy combinations. T-SIGn utilizes the enadenotucirev virus as a vector system for the delivery of therapeutic transgenes to cancer cells providing simultaneous tumor microenvironment expression of combinations of genes from a single virus product. In effect, the T-SIGn viruses turn the tumor cells into “drug factories”. The result is biological anti-cancer therapeutics acting locally within the tumor microenvironment for the treatment of cancer.

The first T-SIGn virus in our portfolio is NG-348 which was licensed to BMS in 2016 and achieved clinical trial application approval in 2017.

Preclinical T-SIGn virus products include NG-350A (an antibody based virus); and NG-347 (a combination virus of cell bound and secreted immunomodulators); and NG-aFAP (an anti-Fibroblast Activation Protein, stromal cell targeting, bi-specific antibody-producing virus); and NG-aEpCAM (an anti-Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule, tumor cell targeting, bi-specific antibody-producing virus).  Research is ongoing to discover and develop additional novel T-SIGn viruses expressing gene therapy combinations.


An optimised oncolytic virus


Tumour-Specific Immuno-Gene Therapy Platform


The first next generation T-SIGn virus


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