R&D programs and progress

PsiOxus aims to be the world’s leading immuno-oncolytic virus company, delivering medicines of value to patients with cancer.

Our work is product and platform based with a focus on discovering and developing innovative immunotherapies for the treatment of solid tumors.

Our products utilize enadenotucirev, our proprietary first generation oncolytic virus and our proprietary platform technology for next generation oncolytic viruses, Tumor-Specific Immuno-Gene Therapy (T-SIGn).

The PsiOxus T-SIGn platform utilizes the enadenotucirev virus as a vector system for the delivery of therapeutic transgenes to cancer cells. Within the tumor cell, the DNA encoded transgenes are transcripted into mRNA which in turn is translated into proteins. In effect, the T-SIGn virus turns the tumor cell into a “drug factory”. The result is localized delivery of biological anti-cancer therapeutics (with known or novel mechanisms) working to enhance the activity of enadenotucirev.

The first T-SIGn virus in our portfolio is NG-348 which will enter clinical development in 2017. NG-348 is a virus that encodes for Membrane-integrated T-Cell Engagers (MiTEs), forcing tumor cells to express T-cell activating ligands on their cell surface.

Follow-on T-SIGn virus products include NG-345 (a cytokine/chemokine based virus); NG-350A (an antibody based virus); and NG-347 (a combination virus).


An optimised oncolytic virus


Tumour-Specific Immuno-Gene Therapy Platform


The first next generation T-SIGn virus


More info available soon


More info available soon


More info available soon

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