Investor Director: Maina Bhaman

Maina Bhaman is Director of Healthcare Investments at Imperial Innovations and to date has led all of the investment rounds into Myotec Therapeutics. She has over ten years’ start-up experience gained through working at biotechnology ventures in both the US and UK. Previously Maina was a Senior Scientist on the Oncology R&D team at Celltech (previously Oxford Glyco Sciences) where she was responsible for the successful management of several drug discovery projects. Maina’s experience includes Chimeric Therapies, a cell therapy start-up based in Philadelphia and GeneMedicine, a gene therapy company based in Houston. Maina has a BSc from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the Imperial Business School. Maina has led a number of investments in Imperial Innovations’ healthcare portfolio. She was previously was on the board of The Acrobot Co Ltd and is currently also a director of Cell Medica Ltd, Molecular Vision Ltd and IXICO Ltd.

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